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Happy Fathers’ Day: Stay Safe

Another wonderful Fathers’ Day is upon us. It’s a great day for quality time with family.

1980, when men were men

1980, when men were men

I’ll be smoking pork ribs and having my dad come over for meat and beers, and distributing some sausages. All the while, I’ll have my own three monsters kiddos at my side.

Fathers’ Day is, at least in my family, a great excuse to drink a beer and get the smoker going. Stay safe, America. The BBQ is fraught with peril; Just ask my own dad.

Note my sister wisely fleeing into the basement for shelter

Note my sister wisely fleeing into the basement for shelter

Say, Pop, did you marinade those veggies in a bunch of olive oil? Huh, that sounds good. You aren’t going to pour that over the open flame coals, are you? I see… is this how you lost your hair? My hair loss was law school stress, but yours was FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Note the lack of protective eyewear

Note the lack of protective eyewear

Pro Tip: Don’t dump combustible foodstuffs over any open flame while you are looking down on and standing adjacent to said flame.

Stay safe this Fathers’ Day.

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Happy Fathers’ Day

Because we all need role models.

Simpson BBQ, circa 1978ish

Grandpa Simpson helping Ol’ Crosseyes in the Radio Flyer

Dad getting me started on my love of bottled beverages

Pop taking us out into the snow. That coat of mine, by the way, had removable sleeves and made an epic Marty McFly-ish vest.

Managers usually have their hair a little better kept.

Happy Fathers’ Day, Pop. I bought the pork ribs and bottled Old Style.

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