BBQ Joints & Breweries

BBQ Joints I’ve Reviewed:

Adam’s Smokehouse
Bogart’s Smokehouse
Gobble Stop Smokehouse
Hendrick’s BBQ
Salted Pig
SugarFire Smokehouse
Wild Smoke House

BBQ Joint To Do List:

Pappy’s (although I’ve been there a few times)
Richard’s Ribs
Shaved Duck
Smoki O’s
Vernon’s BBQ

Breweries I’ve Reviewed:

4 Hands
Bell’s (Kalamazoo, MI)
Granite City
Kirkwood Station

Breweries I Need To Review:

Alpha Brewing (I’ve had one bomber – it was an awesome barleywine)
Bat Creek (Good beers, but ~2 hours north)
Buffalo Brewing (No experience)
Charleville Vineyard (1+ hour away, but Half Wit Wheat is excellent)
Civil Life (Great beer, but only had it draft at a few places)
Ferguson (No experience)
Morgan Street (I spent way too much time there in law school)
O’Fallon (I’ve had a few, but not been out there yet)
Perennial (I’ve had many, and they may not have a tasting room)
Schlafly (I’ve reviewed many beers and had most, but not actually reviewed flights)
Six Row (Love the Whale; need to visit)
Square One (Been there a few times, but haven’t really sat down and tried all the beers)
Urban Chestnut (I’ve had about all of them, but not visited yet)

This list is depressingly long…

One thought on “BBQ Joints & Breweries

  1. Thank you for the Big Hurt Beet review. We got a good laugh as a family after watching his commentary before the game tonight! You should post here more!!! I think I will stay and look at your recipes too.

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