Drink This Beer: 4 Hands Prussia Berliner Style Weiss

So you’ve missed the 4:30 autogyro to the Prussian consulate in Siam? Too bad. Drown your sorrows in 4 Hands Prussia Berliner Style Weiss.

Coming in at a whopping 3.5% ABV?! That’s not a typo. If I’m drinking fizzy non-soda <4% ABV beverages, I’m either at a church bingo night or somewhere in Kansas. Between near beer and session beer, that’s where Prussia Berliner Style Weiss resides. It had better kick ass on taste and drinking experience, because one of these bottles won’t get me to the altered state I’m often in during a favorable beer review.

Somebody's fizzy as all hell!

Somebody’s fizzy as all hell!

A delicate pour still results in tons of head. Great if you’re 17 and on a date. Not so great if you want to sip some beer.

With a little patience, things calmed down and I was able to get  a nice looking glass of beer incrementally poured.

That's more like it

That’s more like it

Nicely cloudy and yellow, and I’d later see that it leaves a liquipaste residue at the base of the glass. Smells sweet and fruity, and oh yes it’s bubbly as all hell.

Citrus-y wheat ale flavors, with a distinct bite that’s somewhere between tart and sour. It’s not a sour beer, but it  has a bite for sure. Certainly crisp and pleasant. Worth the empty calories that I’m not pairing with any ethanol. It’s been reviewed as good to very good, and I have to agree with that range. Tasty, refreshing, nice flavor and sensation.

Maybe you’re the designated driver and you still want to knock back a couple tasty craft brews. This is the beer for you. I enjoyed drinking it, but I like a little more kick in my brew. My recommendation for another darn good beer from 4 Hands: Drink This Beer

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