Drink This Beer, WTF Edition: Banana Bread Beer

Yet another strange brew from the Friar Tuck’s new beer section: Wells Banana Bread Beer

I love banana bread. Seeing three to four severely brown, overripe bananas on the kitchen counter doesn’t just mean fruit flies – it means it’s time to make banana bread (I prefer the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook recipe from scratch). I also love beer, so how could I not buy a banana bread beer?

What. The. Hell.

What. The. Hell.

You probably didn’t need me to tell you this to know it, but this is one of the oddest beers I’ve ever tasted. Wells & Young’s Brewing Co. understatedly calls it a “unique brew”. Really? Tell me more.

The aroma is a 100% banana smell, but not banana bread or even a ripe banana. I was baffled by this beer but my wife nailed it – it tastes like banana flavored Runts. Banana candy. Whatever they put in banana Runts or Laffy Taffy, that’s the smell and taste of this beer. So strange.

The one on the left, Officer. That’s the one. (GNU Licensed; Source: Wikipedia user TheHYPO)

Beer reviews are mixed. I see this as more of a novelty than something I’d ever buy again. Just a modest 5.2% ABV.

Pouring the beer, more banana candy aroma. The taste is minimally malty, but enough that you get some of the “bread” flavors you might expect. But still the candy banana flavor dominates.

Color... typical. Aroma... atypical.

Color… typical. Aroma… atypical.

If you made beer bread with banana bread beer and added bananas… what would happen? Banana bread beer banana bread…

I don’t dislike this beer, and it’s certainly interesting. Would I ever buy it again? Meh… debatable. I mean, I love banana candy. I always went for the candy no one else liked because it meant more candy for me. Grape Jolly Ranchers, uber-cheapo peanut butter chews, candy-coated black licorice, banana taffy… I’m cool with all that stuff. My palate is very accepting, but I’m not sure this is the ideal early summer beer. Maybe if it’s cold and I’m by a firepit in my yard and something fruity/malty is in order, then perhaps this is a repeat buy.

If you want to try something new and you like bananas (the sweet candy-ish bananas), then you should probably: Drink This Beer

(Otherwise… probably not something that’s worth the money.)


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