Search Term Silliness

Every once in a while I like to look through the search terms that bring internet users to this blog, and it’s usually an experience that mixes sadness, alarm, and hilarity. Each term below was entered into a search engine in the past three months and brought me a visitor. Enjoy.

death by smores – I suppose there are worse awesome ways to die.

2 55 gallon steel drum stacked smoker – Damn clever idea. I just need a soldering torch and some more barrels.

triple barrel 55 gallon drum smoker – So, one is good; Two is better. Is three excessive or awesome?

best beer to drink with lobster – The answer sure as heck isn’t Lobster Lovers’ Beer, which is the best beer to drink if you want to punish yourself.

beer with pcp in it – Uh… that sounds like a terrible idea. Home brewers are getting a little too creative.

wild bills fireworks store – One of the best pictures I’ve ever taken. Glad to help!

arab dad making chicken – What?

apple jacks unhealthy – Huh?

amateur affair tumblr – Seriously?

jp losman fajita – WTF?!

pro bono patentGo away, you cheapskate.

simpson bbq forsale – I’m somewhat intrigued…

big flats birthday cake – I’m extremely intrigued…

short guy drinking beer – YES. The search engine brought the searcher to this picture.

ralph wiggum alcohol – This also brings me joy. But who searches for something like this?

dan simpson bbq beer blog – You’d think that anyone who knows I have this blog would know the very simple URL. Was that search necessary?

2 thoughts on “Search Term Silliness

  1. Ha, ha! Those are good. My favourite to get my blog so far is “chicken that is squashed”. I don’t even know why someone would type just that in.

  2. simpsonbbq says:

    I always marvel at the variety of goofy search terms that bring people here. Extremely advanced search engine algorithms written by exceptionally brilliant people still produce oddball results.

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