Meet My New Friend: Bluebell The Cow

I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend Bluebell the Cow.



Bluebell is a grass fed cow from a farm in northeast central Missouri, somewhere a little west of the Silex, MO area.

Or, she was until a couple weeks ago, when she met our mutual friend and intermediary, Mr. Butcher.

Steaks and roasts

Steaks and roasts

See, my wonderful and thoughtful Mother came up with the brilliant notion to give me, my wife, my sister, and my brother-in-law a quarter of a cow (that being Ms. Bluebell) for Christmas.

Ground beef

Ground beef

Practical, delicious, generous.

Is this macabre? Maybe, but it’s important to know where food comes from. Beef comes from cows. I just happen to know the origin and name of this particular cow/beef.

I try to impress on my kids that wasting food is bad for many reasons, but wasting meat is particularly bad. Some animal had to die for you to get that meat. Don’t make that death for naught. Eat your protein.

Bluebell will be honored throughout the coming weeks and perhaps months as we sample the bounty that this bovine had to give us.

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