Drink These Beers: Bat Creek Brewery

Over the holidays, I made a bunch of impulse beer purchases. One of my favorites was the Pike County Pale Ale from Bat Creek Brewery in Bowling Green, MO. When I have one good beer from a new (to me) brewery, I go back for more. Today I sample a couple more beers from Bat Creek Brewery.

First, I return to Pike County Pale Ale, the beer that introduced me to this new brewer.

Finally a legal PCP we can all enjoy!

Finally a legal PCP we can all enjoy!

PCP has a robust color that matches it’s serious malt and hop flavor. Balance is really the best way to describe this beer. So many pale ales seem to embrace hops a little too much and turn into APAs or IPAs. Not Pike County, which gives a nice bitter hop bite to pair with the rich maltiness. It smells hoppier than it tastes, and it tastes damn good. A nice frothiness accompanies with each sip.

That first bottle wasn’t a fluke. This is a really good beer.

Next in line is Midwest Farmer’s Daughter Blonde Ale. Knowing no actual Midwest Farmers’ Daughters, I suppose that this is as close as I can get to sampling that old movie cliche.

How else would you keep warm on a snowy winter's day? Find yourself a midwest farmer's daughter, of course!

How else would you keep warm on a snowy winter’s day? Find yourself a midwest farmer’s daughter, of course!

It has an inviting smell and an understated effervescence. In fact, there’s nearly no head and next to no bubbling coming up through the beer body. I pick up a nice wheat flavor with minimal hop notes. Very rich over your tongue. I’m beginning to appreciate the restraint of this brewery, which in turn makes wonderful beers. Can we go three-for-three?

My final sampling is Heartland Wheat, which I have to say is one of the most unique beers I’ve ever tasted.



What a beautiful color. No cloudiness, wonderful yellow, subtle carbonation. I can’t put my finger on it, but the flavors are very nice. Hell, I just drank three 22 oz. beers in short order, give me a break.

This is not an unfiltered beer, though the flavors are strong and pleasant. A rich malty wheat flavor overwhelms. I really enjoy this beer. Many wheat beers need a lemon, but this one requires no citrus assistance.

Bat Creek makes other beers, but I only bought three. I have to say that this is one of the more impressive initial triumvirates of beer that I’ve sampled in recent memory.

So, whichever of their many beers you might come across, my suggestion for Bat Creek Brewery’s beverages is: Drink These Beers


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