Drink These Beers: Happy Holidays 2012

Despite my exceptionally high workload right now, I’ve found time to drink some superior beers, though not the time to blog about each individually. Needless to say, you should drink each of these beers.

In no particular order:

2nd Shift Hibiscus Wit:

Thank you, law firm!

Thank you, law firm!

A local law firm sent me a gift basket, and this beer was among the goodies. Very light and flowery aroma with an extremely satisfying flavor and finish. I drank this watching Star Trek IV while my wife was out Christmas shopping.

Leffe Blond:

Monks know their beer

Monks know their beer

After being skunked out of some Westy XII, I have been on a little bit of a consolatory Belgian beer kick. Leffe Blond is a very balanced, restrained Belgian abbey ale with great flavor, color, taste. Easy to drink, but each sip is quite enjoyable. I’ve been drinking these… often.

Pike County Pale Ale:

Liquid PCP

Liquid PCP

Pike County in northeastern Missouri is known for… well, I have no idea. I have a friend from Louisiana, MO, but can’t otherwise tell you anything else about the region. But apparently they make a damned good beer: Pike County Ale, by the Bat Creek Brewery.

This was an impulse buy, but well worth the try. Rich flavors and color, minimal head, smooth drinking, restrained hoppiness. Seriously worth a repeat purchase. Drank this while watching a little college basketball and eating pizza – wonderfully paired.

Schlafly 21st Anniversary Single Malt Scottish Ale:

Already 21 years?!

Already 21 years?!

If you believe local beer bloggers, this is a hard-to-find beer, so I bought several. It’s taken some effort and many samplings, but I am coming around to Scottish Ales – this is a good one.

No, I didn’t drink it out of a tulip glass or snifter. Maybe I’ll get a few more bottles and give it a try in the right glassware.

You really pick up on the whiskey flavors, the slight smokiness of the barrels came through. Rich, slightly cloudy color, minimal hop notes. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but the people sharing the beer with me pointed me in the right direction – strong peat flavors accompany the smooth tongue sensation. Really good beer.

Woodcut No. 6:

Like drinking a log?

Like drinking a log?

The other half of the aforementioned law firm beer gift basket was the Woodcut No. 6 from the Odell Brewing Company.

Hyperpowerful wood flavors. The color is very deep and cloudy brown, with a lively head. The aroma – strong. Taste – strong as hell. My wife sipped it and grimaced. This is a sippin’ beer. I sipped it whilst my fantasy football team shat the bed in the semifinals (damn you Victor Cruz!).

Merry Christmas

From Simpson BBQ, hopefully you had a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate by drinking beers and eating hearty meals with friends and family. Robo-Dino-Santa sends his kind regards, next to a palm tree, atop my parents’ front door:

All kinds of blasphemy here

All kinds of blasphemy here

To steal a line from The Simpsons, Jesus must be spinning in his grave.


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