Brewery Restaurant Follow Up: Granite City Brewery

Back in May 2012, Granite City Brewery, with it’s pedestrian beers and mediocre-at-best Cuban sandwich, earned low marks in my inaugural Brewery Restaurant Review.

A return trip wasn’t really in the works, but a work group wanted to take some out-of-town (really, out-of-US) guys to get some beer and food. Guess what they chose? Here is my GCB Epilogue:

Back in the land of disappointment, the waitress told me that GC’s special beer was Oktoberfest. Since it could only be better than their stock beers, I ordered one up.

Will you disappoint me, like your brothers before you?

I am both shocked and thrilled to report that their Oktoberfest is a really good beer! Wow!

Rich, malty flavor with all the color and aroma you expect from an Oktoberfest. But they didn’t get cute and make it too heavy or add goofy seasonal flavorings. Straightforward, drinkable, enjoyable.

My only complaint is that they served it too damned cold in a frosty glass. This isn’t a beer meant to be hyper-cold. A regular off-the-shelf pint glass would work much better.

Could they get a simple sandwich right also?

And would wonders never cease? I ordered a turkey burger and waffle fries. If you mess up a Cuban, you would think you could at least get a turkey burger done correctly. Amazingly, it was juicy and flavorful and large. The waffle fries were a good call, too.

Granite City Brewery has, at least in this instance, redeemed itself. Good work.

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