Drink This Beer: Bell’s Oberon Ale

Happy 4th of July, America!

Well, being that I am self-employed and my family is out of town, it’s still a work day. That doesn’t mean we can’t spice things up and add some delicious Bell’s Oberon Ale.

Consume this beer!

I have a little experience with Bell’s beer. At a fantasy draft party in suburban Chicago a few years back, the host picked up a keg of Bell’s (not Oberon, though) and we floated the keg in three hours.

I love these little mini-kegs. The art on the keglet is pretty cool, too. I went to an art fair recently where some guy was selling light fixtures made out of mini-keg containers like this. Instead of shelling out $40 for one of these lights, I have changed enough electrical fixtures in my house that I have enough spare light fixture guts that I can readily build one of those for $0. Sorry, Mr. Starving Artist…

Beer me!

It pours very nicely and immediately I pick up on some orange / citrus aromas. There is a distinct amber haze in the beer, distinctive of a wheat ale (a Whale, right?). Looks great in the beer stein, though I know I should be using a tulip glass instead of the generic beer glass.

Drink me!

Yet another fabulous beer you can safely put into the Refreshing Beer category. I pick up on next to no hops, but plenty of richness. At a mild 5.8% ABV, this is a nice session beer that won’t cause too many problems… unless you crush the 1.32 gallons in one sitting. (Lawyerly Note: Don’t do that)

This is going to be a repeat purchase… possibly later this week. Crisp, refreshing, not overpowering, exceptionally drinkable, wonderful flavor and aroma… have I found the perfect beer?

Just another day at the office for me, though Bell’s helped me spruce things up on this Independence Day.

Oberon at work

George Washington drank applejack  all the time, so he can respect a working holiday full of fine brew.

My recommendation for July 4th and for Bell’s Oberon Ale: Drink This Beer


One thought on “Drink This Beer: Bell’s Oberon Ale

  1. Dan Sr says:

    I would be more than happy to help polish that off today – bring it over

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