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A lot of traffic today from the bbq-bretheren website… ridiculing this post on parboiling ribs.

I’m certainly no expert (as those commenters pointed out) and making ribs that way is frowned upon by those who know what they are doing (as those commenters vividly pointed out). My application to the website is pending administrator approval, so this post will have to do as far as responses go.

In defense of that recipe and my post, a few things: (1) I am a total amateur and this blog is a catalog of my learning process, not an authority on BBQing (2) it’s food all of my kids actually eat, something hard to find, and (3) I guess I missed on effectively expressing the irony in my anecdote about the parish competition, though I thought I was laying it on pretty thick.

This is like a stand up comedian who tries out some amateur low-brow material that plays okay for the drunken idiot audience, but bombs as he is booed off stage in front of professional comedy writers.

All that being said, ridicule away; I won’t shy away from it. A lesser man would take down the post or wipe the images or break the link or some other cowardly shit, but I’m sure that’s not the only post where I’ve fucked up for the world to see.

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