Drink this Beer: Pi Common, by Schlafly

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Pi / Schlafly Tap Handle


Common in a glass

I’m at Pi in the St. Louis Central West End and they have something on tap called Pi Commons.

It’s worth a try for sure. I like Schlafly and I like Pi. The bartender compared it to Anchor Steam, another quality brew.

It’s got a wonderful brownish amber color and a very mild aroma. It is minimally effervescent and easy to drink, smooth over the tongue.


Common in another glass. I had a few.

You can pick up on some mild hops, but the star here is the cerealish malt flavors that add a robust flavor. It doesn’t overpower the bitterness or flavor of the hops, but complements it instead. Well done, Schlafly.


I just think things should work properly

Also at Pi… the crazy powerful Dyson hand driers. Can people buy them for their home bathrooms?

The pizza and salad were excellent, as was the company. My recommendation for Schlafly Pi Commons: Drink This Beer


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