Drink This Beer: Shift Pale Lager

I have a zeal for tall boy four packs of beer. Boddington’s Pub Ale, Heineken, Stella Artois, Miller High Life, etc. all come in foursomes of tall beers. Each is welcome in my house.

How surprised was I to see a new entrant into the fraternity! Welcome, Shift Pale Lager!

Respectable Rate Beer Score

How do you get me to buy some beer, other than a $0.30 markdown? (Hurry! Ends July 1st!) Put the Rate Beer rating tag next to the price tag.

You should know New Belgium beer. If you don’t, then get with the damned program.

How about this Shift Pale Lager. Not pale ale, that’s a pale lager. Intriguing in and of itself.

Washing machines make nice photo backgrounds

Now that I see this picture… it looks a hell of a lot like the Red Bull four pack. Tell me I’m wrong.

Red Bull

Back to the beer. Let’s see if it looks like a lager, much less a pale lager, once in a beer glass.

Pale lager in a glass

I have to say, I really enjoyed this beer. A modest 5.0% ABV pairs up with a fairly respectable 29 IBU, at least for a lager.

Probably one of the best near-clear beers I’ve ever drank

You pick up the floral flavors and a hint of coriander… maybe left over from the New Belgium Trippel. Certainly a refreshing, crisp beer worth the $2 per tall can price. You would be thrilled to pay $2 for one of these at the bar.

I may have found a new favorite yard work beer. More flavorful, but lighter, than my yard work standby Boddington’s. My recommendation for New Belgium’s Shift Pale Lager: Drink This Beer


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