Drink This Beer: West Coast IPA

Yet another edition of Drink This Beer and yet another IPA. What can I say; I know what I like.

May I introduce West Coast IPA, from the Green Flash Brewing Company.

Yet another IPA... I need to diversify

Rate Beer gives it a whopping 99 out of 100! I’m amped to give this a shot!

Like most respectable IPAs, this beer has a hoppy aroma and fruity notes. It pours nicely into a glass with an aggressively foaming head and rich amber/orange color.

You really need to get your nose down to the top of the glass and inhale deeply. Let the crisp bite of the hops tingle your inner sinus. Prep that palate for the abuses of the bitter yet fruity beer you are about to fling down your gullet.

Wonderful beer

There’s no lie that 95 IBUs is tons of hops, but this is not as overwhelming as, say, Hop Stoopid. And, how can you not like a beer with an ABV of 7.3%. I can see drinking this along side some spicy wings or a pork-heavy STL-style pizza. It’s both refreshing and biting at the same time. This beer is why I love IPAs.

The bottle advertises the fruity aromas of each type of hops, but I pick up on the grapefruit finish after a large sip. What a great, well-balanced IPA. Definitely a repeat purchase in the future.

I strongly recommend that, when it comes to West Coast IPA, you Drink This Beer.


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