Simpson Death S’mores

What constitutes a BBQ? Open flame and food, right? Well, I guess s’mores can be considered within the pantheon of BBQ. Tonight we make Simpson Death S’mores.

Condemned, prepare to die.

Why death? Because some Peeps need to die. Get some Peeps, be they bunnies or chicks, and skewer those fools.

Don't mind this. This is doctor's orders.

(Edited to add this note: Do not use a glass bowl. Use a metal bowl.) Get a few chocolate bars and put them in a metal or Pyrex-type glass bowl (no, do not do this) and place on a grill grate over the open flame.

Disaster in 3...2...1...

Wow. As the chocolate burned, I poured a little milk in the bowl and started to stir with a spatula. Who knew the Pyrex bowl would frickin’ explode into a zillion pieces? Shit. After cleaning up that fiasco, we moved on to a metal bowl with some more chocolate and some 2% milk. Stir well, then remove from the incredibly hot flames.

Far less volatile. Ready for burnt Peeps.

Flame the poor pathetic Peeps until they are near death, then give them a good molten chocolate dunking.

Burn, Peeps, Burn!


After this abuse, smoosh the Peep victims in between some graham crackers and consume messily. Note that the chicks dissolved and fell off of the skewers, while the bunnies managed to make it from dunk to cracker fairly well. Who would’ve guessed.

Pink peep + chocolate + fire = blood?

I have to say, these are awesome. As an avid Peep zealot, I really enjoyed these. The chocolate was even, creamy, and sweet, and the Peeps were both molten in the center and the exterior sugar crystalized well.

Yes. Crack a cold beer and revel in your children’s consumption of this decadent morbid treat.

Summit's 25th year anniversary beer. Excellent.

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