Drink This Beer: Founders Centennial IPA

Greetings from the Queen City of Cincinnati, where the baseball and football teams suck, but the pizza, chili, and ice cream is excellent. (Maybe that explains the obese redneck problem we observed across the river at the aquarium in Newport, Kentucky.) We took in lunch at one of the many local Dewey’s Pizza restaurants, a pizza chain that has expanded to the St. Louis metro area in the past few years.

While in Dewey’s, I figured that I would take the opportunity to try a new craft brew. Founders Centennial IPA out of Michigan sounded like a good pairing with salad and pizza.

I took a few sips before the camera turned on

As with most IPAs, you get some hoppiness, but it is not as strong as some other IPAs. It’s more of a refined ale taste with a mild, fruity aroma.

Dewey's salad with pine nuts, craisins, goat cheese

Went well with a salad. This particular salad had a fruity, creamy vinaigrette that was cleaned up by the crisp bitter beer. I’m really sipping this beer slowly. Founder’s IPA is quite enjoyable, but not a quick drinking beer.

Hawaiian pizza and IPA beer

It sure went well with pizza. Again, the tangy sauce, sweetness of the pineapple and ham, all paired up with the hoppy ale. Centennial IPA has a nice 7.2% ABV and a hearty 65 IBUs, though it seemed less bitter than that.

Apparently it even won some prize at the World Beer Cup, taking a silver medal in the 2012 event in the American Style IPA category. Well-deserved. (Checking that list, I see that something called Norm’s Raggedy-Ass IPA, by the Big Rock Chop House & Brewery in Birmingham, MI won the gold medal. Mental note.)

Anyway, it was a great lunch paired with a great beer. Definitely worth buying again. My recommendation for Founders Centennial IPA: Drink This Beer

NB: While on the topic of Cincinnati, I’d like to note that Brandon Phillips sucks. While he was sitting at home pouting this past fall… I was attending this event in Downtown STL.

Not Pictured: Brandon Phillips

Pictured: Something Brandon Phillips will probably never touch without paying museum admission


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