Where Are You Eating Dinner This Friday?

May I suggest here:

Now, who doesn't like fried fish?

That’s right, a good old Lenten Fish Fry. Come visit me, the Dessert Czar, and eat some fried fish. I’ll be the guy drinking volunteer-only beers and making sure that everyone gets a piece of cake, brownie, pie, or some nut-free stuff.

I may be a pork zealot, but I can abstain a few Fridays a year. Besides, the Pope didn’t say anything about drinking quality beers on Fridays in Lent, so I will manage just fine.

What? Fried fish isn’t your thing? Well, we will also be serving frog legs, shrimp, jack salmon, catfish, hush puppies, mac & cheese, cheese pizza, green beans, meatless spaghetti, etc. This is no normal parish fish fry. We have a wide variety of aquatic meats.

Directions are simple. For example, if you take I-44 home from work, just get off at Elm and head south, across Watson, then veer right onto Pardee. OLP is on the left. Here’s a map:

Map to delicious philanthropic fish

Hope to see you there. All proceeds go to the OLP Men’s Club, which primarily uses the funds for parish and school philanthropic purposes.

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