Drink This Beer: Single-Wide IPA

Finally an IPA for hop lovers: Single-Wide IPA. Boulevard pulls no punches with the hops in this refreshing brew. Six types of hops!

Trailer life has never been so glamorous

Very distinct from another recently-recommended IPA, Single-Wide has the crisp, light flavor and aroma of a more traditional American version of an IPA.

It keeps a nice head and has a cloudy wheat-like appearance, but the aroma and taste give it away.

This beer casts a long shadow over other purported IPAs

This is an easy beer to drink with just about any BBQ, but, speaking from experience, it is a great pairing with pork steaks, chicken wings, and ribs. I like my summer BBQ spicy and this beer is a great companion.

Boulevard holds a special place in my heart. It’s one of the earliest midwestern craft brewers, and I had a lot of experience getting to know their portfolio during my college years in Kansas City. Boulevard’s sample pack lets you see what kind of other offerings they put out. Among my favorites are Bob’s ’47 and the Bully! Porter. My wife’s standby is the Boulevard Wheat, the first beer I can remember drinking with a lemon slice.

My recommendation for Single-Wide IPA: Drink This Beer


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