Super Bowl BBQ Preview: Menu

I hate the Patriots

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. For me, that usually means a full day of beer and BBQ. What better way to start a BBQ and beer blog than with a preview of my Super Bowl menu.

In the days following the game, I will post detailed photos, recipes, cook times, cook techniques, and equipment for each product. For now, though, I offer this preview of the schedule and menu:

Early morning: 3-4 lb. brisket on the Weber 22″,  hickory wood smoked, with an overnight brown sugar / paprika / mustard paste and a spicy rub on game day

Midday: bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin stuffed with apples and gorgonzola on the Weber 22″, cedar plank smoked (plus another one without cheese for the kids)

Late afternoon: smoked sausages / bratwurst, BBQ red & black beans in molasses & whiskey sauce w/ bacon

Right before the game: olive/garlic/bacon/feta stuffed baby portabella mushrooms, cedar plank smoked

Bonus: BBQ dog treats

All day: Beer (non-Samuel Adams)

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2 thoughts on “Super Bowl BBQ Preview: Menu

  1. DICK JOHNSON says:

    With all of that food it sounds more like POOPER BOWL!

  2. simpsonbbq says:

    I don’t think I can adequately express my excitement that THIS was the first comment on the blog. Really, the Pooper Bowl?

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